Course Descriptions


Biology 1-BIOL 1408 | 6 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

A contemporary course in which the student will learn the applications of the scientific method, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, classical and human genetics, and virology.  (66/0/0/6)  Module 1: 10 lessons on-line

Composition and Rhetoric 1-ENGL 1301 |5 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

This course provides students with the rhetorical foundations that prepare them for the demands of professional writing.  The student will learn how to recognize and deploy the strategies and processes that translate into effective written products in a variety of contexts for a variety of purposes. (55/0/0/5)  Module 2: 10 lessons on-line

General Psychology –PSYC 2301 | 5 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

The student will learn the elementary principles of human behavior. (55/0/0/5) Module 3: 10 lessons on-line

College Algebra -MATH 1314 | 4 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

Topics include quadratics, polynomial and exponential functions, graphing, linear equations & inequalities, factoring techniques and algebraic fractions. (44/0/0/4) Module 4: 10 lessons on-line


Computers in Funeral Service- MSCI 1011 | 1 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

The student will learn basic concepts related to computer hardware and software and their application to funeral service. (11/4/0/1)     Module 16: 8 lessons on-line

Funeral Directing- MSCI 1212 | 3 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

A course in directing the various types of funeral services.  The student will learn funeral service professional ethics and the role of the funeral director in conducting various religious, fraternal, military, traditional, non-traditional, and humanistic funeral ceremonies including cultural, ethnic, and geographic customs. (33/0/0/3)  Module 6: 8 lessons on-line

Funeral Merchandising- MSCI 1313 | 4 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

A course in funeral home management and practice that reviews the aims and objectives of the funeral home practitioner.  The student will learn the component parts and the construction of caskets and outer burial containers and how to professionally arrange the selection room and the methodology for pricing funeral service merchandise.  Various experts from the funeral service profession provide special presentations and/or field trips that will incorporate the theoretical with practical aspects of funeral service merchandising.  (44/0/0/4)  Module 9: 8 lessons on-line

Mortuary Administration- MCSI 1314 | 4 quarter hours | Prerequisite: Operating a Business BUSI 1302

A course in funeral home management and practice.  The student will learn contemporary code of ethics for funeral service, various facets of funeral service practice including: the steps from first call to final disposition, funeral records and forms, Social Security and Veteran benefits, professional relationships, establishing and maintaining funeral home facilities and equipment, and supervision and training personnel.  The student will also learn the techniques in conducting the funeral arrangement through role-play exercises.  (44/0/0/4)   Module 12: 8 lessons on-line

Occupational Safety- MSCI 1115 | 2 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

The student will learn workplace safety guidelines as related to funeral service personnel.  This will include: Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines for Hazard Communication Standard, Formaldehyde Monitoring, Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, Infection Control and Preparation Room Requirements.  (22/0/0/2) Module 8: 8 lessons on-line

Office Accounting- OFAD 1307 | 4 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

This course is designed to develop an understanding of an accounting system.  The student will learn how to analyze business transactions and how they relate to the accounting cycle, primarily a small service and merchandising business. The student will learn journalizing, posting, preparing a trial balance, completing financial reports and computing payroll and payroll taxes.  (44/0/0/4)   Module 15: 8 lessons on-line

Operating a Business- BUSI 1302 | 4 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

The student will learn the practical considerations involved in starting and operating a business.  Topics include analyzing potential market, acquiring financial backing, establishing record-keeping systems, making marketing and pricing decisions, managing financial and human resources, purchasing, controlling inventory, sales forecasting, meeting legal requirements, and using professional resources.  (44/0/0/4) Module 5: 8 lessons on-line


Counseling/Dynamics of Grief- MSCI 1316 | 4 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

The student will learn how grief affects the deceased family and the role of the funeral in grief resolution.  Grief reactions, grief cycles, and the various stages of grief will be explored.  The student will learn an understanding of the basic methods and procedures of grief counseling and the many elements that a funeral director brings into the counseling session. The student learns to recognize and understands his/her own personal resources for coping with loss situations.  (44/0/0/4) Module 14: 8 lessons on-line

History of Funeral Service- MSCI 1317 | 4 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

This course traces the development of funeral service from the ancient Egyptians to modern times.  The students will learn the historical roots of modern practices.  (44/0/0/4) Module 7: 8 lessons on-line

Sociology of Funeral Service- MSCI 1118 | 2 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

A general survey of sociology, the orientation, definition, application and purpose of culture, mores, folkways, and the study of the family unit.  The students will learn how each of these impact death rituals.  (22/0/0/2) Module 13: 8 lessons on-line


Business Law – BUSI 2301 | 4 quarter hours | Prerequisite: Mortuary Law MSCI 1219

A course in the principles of law which form the legal framework for business activities.  The student will learn the legal framework for business activities that includes applicable statutes, torts, contracts, personal and real property, wills and trusts, and consumer law.  (44/0/0/4)  Module 11: 8 lessons on-line

Mortuary Law- MSCI 1219 | 3 quarter hours | Prerequisite: none

This course will provide the legal fundamentals that apply to funeral service.  The students will learn the corporative state laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to funeral service; laws regarding the rights and duties and responsibilities of funeral service professional; and licensure requirements for funeral directors, embalmers and funeral establishments.  (33/0/0/3) Module 10: 8 lessons on-line

Progress Requirements for Online Certificate in Funeral Directing Program: Student’s progress is evaluated throughout the online program. Progress is documented as students complete each lesson and receive graded assignments. Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.  At the end of the quarter if the student has not completed the required modules, the student’s enrollment shall be terminated.

The following modules are required to complete the online certification program:

1st Quarter

Module 1: BIOL 1408 Biology 1

Module 2: ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric

Module 3: PSYC 2301 General Psychology

Module 4: MATH 1314 College Algebra

2nd Quarter

Module 5: BUSI 1302 Operating a Business

Module 6: MSCI 1212 Funeral Directing

Module 7: MSCI 1317 History of Funeral Service

Module 8: MSCI 1115 Occupational Safety

Module 9: MSCI 1313 Funeral Merchandising

Module 10: MSCI 1219 Mortuary Law

3rd Quarter

Module 11: BUSI 2301 Business Law

Module 12: MSCI 1314 Mortuary Administration

Module 13: MSCI 1118 Sociology of Funeral Service

Module 14: MSCI 1316 Counseling/Dynamics of Grief

Module 15: OFAD 1307 Office Accounting

Module 16: MSCI 1011 Computers in Funeral Service

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