What Will I Learn in Mortuary Science Classes?

posted September 17th, 2012 by admin

For those looking to embark in an exciting career that is off the beaten path, a degree in mortuary science may be what you are looking for. Earning your degree in mortuary science can arm you with the knowledge and education that is required to become a funeral director. Funeral directing is a profitable and highly desirable career field that offers unlimited opportunity for growth and business potential. While not for everyone, this is an industry that is always necessary, ensuring a high degree of job stability. The Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service in Houston, Texas is a mortuary study program that offers a flexible online degree study program to help you accomplish your goals. 

Mortician school covers nearly all aspects of the funeral business. These classes include courses in business management, anatomy and physiology, embalming, body preparation and refining communication skills. The business management classes will create a foundation to run a good business with solid financial management. The anatomy and physiology aspects will be useful when working with the deceased; one of the most fascinating aspects of funeral education. Multiple processing techniques are covered in depth and reflect the most modern practices of the industry to give you a competitive edge. A wide array of topics are presented to the student in a format that is easy to learn. The content presented will help ensure that the student has everything they need to become successful in the funeral business.

This is a fascinating program that will teach everything that you need to know about the funeral directing industry. Mortician school will walk you through all aspects of the proper preparation and eventual presentation of the deceased. A solid foundation in anatomy and physiology will enable the students to understand how and why the embalming process is needed and the multiple stages of the process. Embalming is an intriguing, multiple step process that involves the drainage of venous blood and the filling of the arteries with embalming fluid. This temporarily helps to guard against unwanted decomposition during viewing times. The physiologic processes of rigor mortis and dependent lividity are also covered in depth, in addition to how to overcome these obstacles during the preparation of the deceased.

The initial setting of the features is also an important process that is covered in school. Setting the features involves the creation of a facial expression and body position of the deceased that will become permanent following embalming. Authentic application of make-up, clothing and hair pieces are also an important part of the learning process that will be covered in mortician school. Eye caps and mouth formers will be studied, as well as their importance to the final appearance of the deceased. It is important to ensure that the family’s last vision of their loved one is as comforting as possible. Your education will help ensure that you are able to meet the needs of the survivors by treating their loved one with dignity using the knowledge gained from funeral directing school.

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