Mortuary Science Degree vs. Funeral Directing Certificate

posted November 8th, 2011 by admin

Funeral directors enjoy a very rewarding career of helping people through the most difficult times of their lives. Choosing between a mortuary science degree and funeral directing certificate is one important decision that students who desire this rewarding career must consider. There is no right or wrong choice. Since each individual’s desires, needs and circumstances vary, the right choice for one student may not be the right choice for another. The best way to decide is to consider personal preferences, current individual needs and projected future needs.Some students may want to earn a certificate so they can begin working as a funeral director within a matter of months. However, students who want to embalm and become a funeral director may choose to earn their associate’s degree. While the degree program lasts significantly longer than the certificate program, it affords many more opportunities. Some employers may also look more favorably upon students with a degree than those with a certificate because they have the versatility to become an embalmer or funeral director. This is often true in some areas if the student doesn’t have any prior experience in the funeral business.

Students who choose the funeral directing certificate program will enjoy a course that is completely focused on the duties of a funeral director. The course teaches students about funeral merchandise, types of funeral rites and services, funeral arrangements and funeral laws. After completing the six-month course, students emerge with the skills and knowledge required to work as a funeral director at an entry level.

The associate’s degree program is more intensive and provides more in-depth information about each aspect of funeral services and sciences. Information about pathology, microbiology, chemistry and embalming applications in the funeral business is also included in the degree program. Students who are willing to attend on campus or online full time are able to finish the degree program in about five quarters.

Prospective students who decide to opt for the funeral directing certificate program may later decide they want to pursue a degree to try a career as an embalmer. Each student’s personal choice for a degree or certificate program should be considered carefully and made on the basis of personal circumstances. The most important thing to remember is not to panic. After entering the funeral business, graduates will find it easier to decide which way they want their career as a funeral service worker to go. Regardless of whether a certificate or degree is sought, the choice to enter the funeral business is a rewarding one.

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