How Long Does It Take To Receive A Mortuary Science Degree?

posted November 12th, 2011 by admin

Earning a mortuary science degree is an accomplishment that any graduate of the program can be proud of. There are less than 100 schools that offer this degree option in the United States. However, most schools that participate in this program offer an associate’s degree. It usually takes about four semesters or two academic years to finish the program. This estimate is accurate if a student attends school full time. Some schools offer part-time programs, which may be completed in three or four academic years. There are very few schools that offer a bachelor’s degree program for this major.One important issue to keep in mind when considering a degree in mortuary science is that there are prerequisites. Although they are not the same at every school, these courses must be completed before a student enters the program. Anatomy & Physiology, English Composition, Accounting, Computer Applications, Psychology and several other courses are required before a student can begin the courses that are related to funeral services, counseling and embalming.

Many people wonder why it takes about two years to complete this degree program. While it may not seem that there is much involved in executing a funeral, there are many things a student needs to know to successfully work with all of the federal, state and local agencies involved in the death process. There are also several laws pertaining to death, funerals and other issues that mortuary science graduates face. Graduates who plan to pursue a career as an embalmer must also receive extensive training in embalming techniques, safety and the physical and chemical changes the body undergoes after death. There is much more to learn than most people think. However, the mortuary science program is designed to equip students with all the knowledge they need for careers as funeral directors or embalmers.

Most students want to complete a mortuary science degree as quickly as possible. However, schedule conflicts between work, family commitments and school usually require on-campus students to attend school part time. Fortunately, students who live far from a school that offers this program are now able to finish their degree faster with online education.

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