Is there really such a thing as an Embalming School?

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As a result of the various emotions displayed during a funeral, most guests do not really think about how the funeral home that is hosting the funeral actually operates as a business. The funeral home business is one that is different than practically all other businesses because of the fact that consumers are putting more of their thoughts into the service than how much money the home is going to make. For this reason, people will find that the funeral industry is one that is expected to continue growing for many years to come, so it would be an excellent career choice. One of the most important jobs at a funeral chapel is embalming, which is done to preserve the deceased body. People who are considering a career as an embalmer will need to attend an embalming school.  (more…)

Do I have to get my degree to become a Funeral Director?

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Funeral directors (also often known as morticians) work in a service related industry that requires superb customer service while helping families to cope with one of life’s most difficult experiences. Funeral directors arrange for the custody, care and final disposition of a decedent. The funeral director assists families with memorable services that will distinctly honor the decedent’s life. The duties of the funeral director are varied – from arranging chapel or church rituals and coordinating officiating clergy, to securing certified copies of the death record, placing newspaper notices, ordering caskets, flowers and musicians. Funeral directors are also often dual licensed to embalm. State regulations vary regarding licensing requirements for both the funeral director and embalmer.  (more…)

What’s It Like Going to a Mortician School?

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Morticians, undertakers and funeral directors are the titles given for the same basic job – attending to the bereaved and the dead. This very necessary job also requires a large skill set, including scientific skill, medical skill, ability to work with people, and great attention to detail. The actual educational requirements often vary from state to state, and some may only require an Associate’s degree, while others require a Bachelor’s degree for an embalming license. Those who have an interest in going to mortician’s school will need to take a closer look at what they can possibly expect.  (more…)

The Role of a Funeral Director

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The role of a funeral director is complex, especially because of the sensitive nature of his or her work. A funeral director is typically in charge of arranging and managing funeral and memorial services for the deceased. He or she will listen to the wishes of the bereaved and integrate them with legal and social requirements. Funeral directors are often business owners, some of whom have even studied to achieve an online funeral director degree in order to become successful.


Why Should I Go to Mortician School?

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Career Safety

Qualified, well-educated morticians are always in demand. Unlike some businesses, recessions and economic problems don’t affect funeral homes and morticians quite as much because their services are always necessary. You’ll also be able to work in any city in the United States as a mortician, because every city requires these services. Being a mortician is a surprisingly flexible career path for many people.  (more…)

Can I Go to School to Become a Funeral Director?

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There are many options today for a person looking for a career as a Funeral Director. It used to be that a person had to spend lots of time and money going away to school if they wanted to become a Funeral Director. Today a person can enroll in an online funeral director school and study and take classes when it is convenient

The admissions process for an online funeral director school is fairly easy. Prospective students send in a copy of the application for admission along with a copy of their high school transcript. Students also need to submit transcripts of any post high school classes they have taken. An application fee must also be submitted with the application materials. Some schools may also require ACT or SAT scores.  (more…)

Online Funeral Director School Offers Viable Path to Career in Mortuary Science

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Alternative learning platform provides accessibility, convenience

Online education is trending across the higher education market, causing people to reconsider their collegiate goals and career aspirations. With its enhanced access to accredited degree programs, this alternative learning model puts a college education within reach of more prospective students than ever before. (more…)

Enter the Field of Mortuary Science With an Online Funeral Director Degree

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Graduates discover immense job opportunities with degree

Funeral services isn’t a career path for everyone; however, those who are interested in mortuary science can discover immense job opportunities in the field if they have a degree. As funeral owners and directors seek to pass the torch to a new generation of industry leaders, new career opportunities are available for qualified applicants who hold a degree in mortuary science. An online funeral director degree makes a career in funeral services more accessible for professionals seeking a career in mortuary science. (more…)

Funeral Director School Puts You on Track for a Career in Mortuary Science

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Online degree programs make career accessible to more students

A career as a funeral director was once reserved for individuals who had direct connections with people in the business, whether through lineage or a family friend. However, many funeral home owners and directors report that the next generation of industry leaders is just not interested in the funeral service profession, leaving the door open for new candidates to take over vacant positions. Enrolling in a funeral director school is the first step to realizing your career goals and entering the field of mortuary science. (more…)

Enroll in Mortician School for a Career in Mortuary Science

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Graduates discover rewarding careers as a funeral director

Trained funeral directors are increasing in demand in markets across the country as current funeral directors age out of the industry. Individuals interested in a career in funeral services should search out a qualified mortician school to earn a degree or certificate in mortuary science. (more…)

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